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El pasado17 de marzo, los alumnos de 3ºESO, 4ºESO, 1ºBACH y 2ºBACH acudieron a la representación de la obra de teatro en inglés The Phantom of the Opera, basada en la novela gótica de Gastón Leroux, publicada en marzo de 1910. Ha sido adaptada numerosas veces al teatro y al cine. La obra está inspirada en hechos reales y combina elementos de romance, terror, drama, misterio y tragedia. La historia trata de un ser misterioso que aterroriza la Ópera de París para atraer la atención de una joven vocalista a la que ama.

House. As a baby, his mother abandoned him, leaving him with a circus as their “freak act”. He was treated very badly and beaten, so eventually he escaped and found refuge, hiding in an old Opera House. He is a musical genius and writes beautiful music that he would love the world to hear one day.    However, his disfigurement and solitary existence have made him amoral and dangerous.

When the Opera House is bought and renovated by two business men, Mr. Armand and Mr. Richard, the Phantom terrorizes the theatre, making people believe that there is a ghost living there. Eventually, the Phantom decides to negotiate with the owners – he will stop terrorizing the theatre if they agree to stage a performance using his music. The owners agree, and the new show is a huge success, the performance is sold out every night. The public are attracted by the chance of seeing the famous theatre ghost as well as by the amazing music.

The Phantom also has another request, he wants a new star for his show. During an audition, he finds Christine who replaces Prima Donna, the Opera House´s famous diva. Christine becomes the Phantom´s muse and he falls in love with her. Christine believes that the Phantom is her “Angel of Music” who has been sent by her deceased father to guide her musical talent.

The Phantom is not Christine´s only admirer, however.  Raoul, a higher society man  also falls in love with Christine after watching her perform.Who will Christine choose, the disfigured Phantom, or the gentleman, Raoul? What will the Phantom´s destiny be?  Will he finally find love and be redeemed?

Here are some fun facts about the musical The Phantom of the Opera…

Did you know…?

1. The Phantom of the Opera debuted in London’s West End in 1986. That means the    musical has been running for 30 years!

2. It is the most lucrative musical in history. In the last 30 years, the musical has ear¬ned over 6 billion US Dollars and has been seen by over 140 million people around the world!

3. Some of musical theatre’s most famous songs come from The Phantom of the Ope¬ra. Some of the most famous songs are, The Phantom of the Opera, All I ask of You and The Music of the Night. These songs were written by a very famous composer called Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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